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Termbase - Kendo
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Katas - Uchinaguchi - People - Chinese - Kendo
 Kendo Specific Terms
Name Kanji Notes
Bogu 防具 Armor worn in Kendo
Chigawa 乳革 Leather loop on the sides of the do (Bogu)
Do Chest Protector from Kendo Bogu
Hakama Formal wear, divided skirt, worn in Kendo
Himo Strings attached to Men (Bogu)
Keikogi 稽古着 Uniform top in Kendo
Kiri Kaeshi 切り返し Cutting drill from Kendo
Kote 小手 Gloves from Kendo Bogu
Men Face mask from Kendo Bogu
Shinai 竹刀 Bamboo Sword for Kendo
Suburi 素振り Cut training / Swing
Tare 垂れ Waist Protector from Kendo Bogu
Tenugui 手ぬぐい Hand Towel worn on head under men (Bogu)
Tsubadome つば止め Rubber piece of Shinai to hold the Tsuba in place
Zekken ゼッケン Name bag that fits on tare from Kendo Bogu

 Sword Related Terms
Name Kanji Notes
Fuchi Hilt Collar between the Tsuba and Tsuka
Habaki Wedge shaped collar to keep the sword in the saya
Kashira Cap (pommel) on the end of the Tsuka
Koiguchi 鯉口 Mouth of the Saya, usually buffalo horn
Koshirae 拵え Ornate mountings of a Japanese sword
Kurigata 栗形 Knob on saya for attaching the sageo
Mekugi 目釘 Pegs for securing the tsuka to the nakago
Menuki 目貫 Tsuka decorations (ornaments)
Sageo 下げ緒 Rope used to attach the saya to an obi
Saya Scabbard
Seppa 切羽 Washers used to tighten sword fittings
Tsuba Sword hand guard
Tsuka Sword handle / hilt
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