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Translation of Matsumura's Tomb
By: Scot Mertz

This is a translation of the boshi (墓誌/tomb marker) found at Matsumura Sokon's tomb. (Right photo above)


Okinawa Karate, Shuri Te, Founder
This is the resting place for Matsumura Soken, the saint of boxing. 1809 to 1899

He was born in Yamagawa in Shuri city. In China his name was Wu Chengda, and his art was signed as Unyu and Bucho. He had a natural talent for the martial arts since childhood, as a result of his devotion he achieved unity of the literary and martial arts.

He was a warrior of wisdom and courage; this made him famous even before he died.

In the 2nd Sho Ryukyu Dynasty, founded by Sho En, he served for three consecutive kings as their personal bodyguard. These were King Sho Ko (17th generation), King Sho Iku (18th generation), and King Sho Tai (19th generation and last King of the Ryukyus).

12th month of Heisei 20 (December 2000)
Descendants of the Matsumura family
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