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Matsuyama Park Higashionna and Miyagi Monument Translation
Translation by Scot Mertz

This translation is for the Higashionna and Miyagi monument found in Matsuyama Park in Kume Okinawa. The information found on this monument isn't quite correct (dates are off in some cases), so when you read this translation please don't take it as 100% fact. If you are living on or visiting Okinawa and would like to find this monument please use our map.


Higashionna Kanryo (1853-1917) Born in Nishimachi district of Naha as the 4th son of Kanyo and Makoto. At the age of 20, he left for Fuzhou Fujian Province China and trained in Southern Shaolin White Crane Boxing, he stayed in China and trained for 15 years. After returning Kanryo opened a dojo in 1889. This is the oldest karate dojo for the Naha-te style. The "hands" of Naha became popularized due to his efforts. Some of the important lessons for those who train in karate is how to act properly in society, how to perform the art and way of karate, and most importantly spiritual refinement.

Miyagi Chojun (1888-1953) Founder of Gojuryu Karate-do. He was a highly respected "bujin" and was the second generation of Naha-te after his instructor Higashionna Kanryo. Like his teacher, he also traveled to China to seek out instruction. He continued where Higashionna Kanryo sensei left off to spread knowledge of the Naha-te system. In 1930 he registered the Gojuryu name, by doing this he was the first to ever name his own ryuha.

- All of the secrets of Gojuryu are found in the kata.
- The goal is to achieve harmony by the practice of Gojuryu karate.
- Through training in Gojuryu one is able to seek a high moral character.

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