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Ryuhoryu Toudi Kobujutsu

Ryuhoryu (龍鳳流), the Dragon and Phoenix Style, is a collection of material from Okinawa that is in risk of being lost to the newer generations of karate-ka. The idea behind Ryuhoryu was it was to be a collection of Naha-te based training that didn't really fit into one particular style but are culturally important to karate and the idea of Ryukyu Martial Arts as a whole. The Ryuhoryu system was developed by Scot Mertz, to preserve this material for future generations of karate-ka who are interested in older practices.
Kata Source
Sanchin Higashionna
Naihanchi Yagi Meitoku
Niseishi Aragaki
Unshu Aragaki
Sochin Aragaki
Seisan Higashionna
Sanseiru Kyoda
Byakko Kojo
Tenkan Kojo
Kukan Kojo
Chikan Kojo
Hakko Kojo
Hakkaku Kojo
Hakuryu Kojo
Paiho Sho Gokenki
Paiho Dai Gokenki
Pechurin Higashionna
Ershiba Kojo
The task of putting Ryuhoryu together was a process that took about 9 years of researching and training with various individuals who had bits and pieces of the material that we wanted to preserve.

At the end of this process these 18 kata were picked to be the material that the Ryuhoryu group would preserve and pass on to the next generation of karate-ka. These kata all have historical significance, and meet the general criterial that was looked at for inclusion in the Ryuhoryu system.

The Ryuhoryu system has no rank requirements nor does it grant rank, the purpose was not about that at all, but purely about preservation of this material. For anyone interested in training in Ryuhoryu you are welcome to come by the dojo and sign up for the class and take up the mantle of training in this eclectic system.

For outside groups, we do offer seminars for specific parts of the Ryuhoryu system, for example if you are interested in the original source material from Higashionna Kanryo we can set up seminars for that, or general seminars tailored for your dojo/group. The whole point of the system is preservation, so we are happy to work with anyone to esure this material lives on and doesn't die out.
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