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This page is a tribute to Yagi Meitoku Sensei, he was the first person to teach me how to play the sanshin. Coming from a guitar background I have found a lot of the music for sanshin is very hard to find in the west. So from time to time I will transcribe what I am working on in tabs so anyone can play these songs and enjoy learning the sanshin.
Tuning the Sanshin can be a bit interesting on western style tuners. I have been using an app called Tuna which is a guitar tuner, but you have the option to set up custom tunings. So I have been using B2 - E3 - B3 tuning which is a perfect match for the pitch pipes they sell in Okinawa. Another popular tuning is C2 - F3 - C3. There isn't any frets on the sanshin, so this is the positions that I am using to establish the numbers for tab.

Shima Uta

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